Maritime Group of Honduras
is a promotional webpage for the Honduras flag and companies that give support nationally and internationally
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Our goal is the Honduras flag as open registry, make it rich in quality, friendly and competitive, in accountant with international conventions from IMO, ILO, ITU and ISO. The international business of ship registers is becoming more professional and more technological, sea matter is changing quickly. Having an open register for ships by a state is a science. We are constantly seeing new open registry born but quickly go to black listed and now MoU constantly is measuring the performances of a flag. Honduras is in the white list in this regards to seaman. One of our goal as RO is to be listed in the white list from the MoU and maintain this standards that is why our representation has being duly selected for servicing our shipowners as professional worldwide consultant to maintain a good standing for vessels registered in Honduras.

We are looking for international partnerships with companies committed to professional ethical principles and with common goals of creating a worldwide network of service toward the Honduran registry for international marine operators.
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